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A Step Away

Show Must Go On

Season 1 | Ep. 8

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In this exciting new reality series, a team of NYC culinary super heroes will have to racePlay
Culinary Chaos and Gourmet Greatness
With no cash and tempers flaring, the team gets thrown into the pressure cooker with theirPlay
The Team Pulls Off A Miracle...Maybe
Will tradition poi and pork buns heat things up for a cooling Hawiian shave ice shop?Play
Please Be Patient
Can some secret ingredients from Little Italy help the struggling eatery out-zest their competition?Play
Saucy Italian Food
The team may need some Lucky Charms to save this bankrupt Dublin-themed disaster!Play
The Unluckiest Irish Pub In The World
Meat taps the keg and Oktoberfest comes early as the chefs strive to add some flair to a strugglingPlay
Seafood Overkill
Desperation is high and time is short as the team works overtime to save a failing Thai restaurantPlay
Worst Menu Ever
Can the team fix this nightmare of a menu?Play
This Menu Is A Travesty
Can a greasy Brazilian eatery be transformed into a gluten-free health haven in three days?Play
Beefing Up A Brazilian Menu's Healthy Choices
Classy Riverdale gets a French Bistro with a downtown twist!Play
A French Bistro In The Bronx?
The team butts heads to create the perfect exotic recipe in tight quarters! The kitchen becomesPlay
Korean Delight
The owner of Palazzo sits down to taste his new menuPlay
Top Secret Tastings: Palazzo