Operation: Badass


Osmin has had quite a few standout clients on Operation: Osmin and, like you, we’re always curious about how well they’re holding up after the cameras stop rolling. One of Osmin’s most badass clients is Puerto Rican stunner Babette Morales, the career woman and mom who put aside her busy schedule to partake in one of the hit series’ most awesome episodes, “Pole Dancer Diet.”

nuvoTV caught up with Babette to find out how she stays motivated and what it takes to tackle an Osmin challenge with grace. See how hot Babette looks today in the gallery below and learn the secrets of how she manages to keep it all together without Osmin by her side.

nuvoTV: You’ve tackled your fear of heights, cleaned strange bathrooms without much fuss, and jogged barefoot through Miami. What is your most proud accomplishment on Osmin?

BABETTE MORALES: I must say that conquering my fear of heights was a great accomplishment. When Osmin would scale a wall like a cat or climb on railroad tracks, I had to follow him and quickly adjust. There was no time for thinking. It was just KEEP MOVING! NOW! I did it and I’m not scared anymore. I’m more balanced.

Viewers have seen you go through an amazing physical transformation. How has it been maintaining your new look on your own since filming the episode?

I needed Osmin to kick start my transformation. He is one-on-one and doesn’t take no for an answer. I don’t think change would’ve come on my own. I haven’t stopped since then. I’m maintaining a healthy weight of 125 lbs. I work out daily and I’m building muscle. Even though Osmin isn’t by my side yelling or splashing water on my face — he will never be forgotten. His voice echoes in my head! (laughs) The end of the show was really just the beginning for me.

Puerto Ricans are very passionate, strong-willed people. Do you think these enviable traits gave you an advantage in tackling the routines?

No. It really doesn’t matter where you’re from. Male or female, it doesn’t make a difference. How bad do you want this change and is it in you? It’s definitely in me! You only live once.

Having successfully endured Osmin’s unique 30-day challenge, would you ever do it again? Is there anything you’d like to leave out next time?

I would definitely do it again! I wouldn’t leave anything out. It’s all about challenging yourself. Changing anything would just not be Osmin’s way.

Were you surprised at the additional benefit of looking like you lost 10 years in addition to dropping all that weight?

He trained my mind, body and soul. I must say I was very surprised to see and feel results so quick. I feel fantastic! Maintaining the diet is the key. No cheating!

You quoted iconic Latino band Cypress Hill in the episode. Are you a fan?

I’m a definite fan of Cypress Hill. I think everyone can relate to the quote “Insane in the membrane” when dealing with Osmin.

Did you feel an extra sense of pride having accomplished your goals in front of your family?

I feel fortunate to still have my mom by my side. She is 75 and making her proud is a big deal for me. She raised me on her own. As you can see, she is a tough woman. I owe her my universe. She was very impressed with my dedication to the diet and tough workouts. My children were very happy for me as well. They saw me getting stronger and they would ask me to show them my muscles. I’m still flexing for them and feeling fabulous. My boys are watching my strong will and they are so proud of me. I love it.