Life After 'Latina'

August 3, 2012

THE GORGEOUS CAST OF MODEL LATINA SOUTH BEACH SETS A COURSE TO SUPERSTARDOM! The 10 beautiful Latina model hopefuls who spent their summer in a magnificent mansion in Miami while competing for a shot at fame and fortune on Model Latina South Beach have put their glorious recent past behind as they embark on their respective solo careers. Catch up with Model Latina 2012, Muriel, and her equally charismatic castmates to find out what's in store for their life after Model Latina. MURIEL, MODEL LATINA 2012
"Maybe not in a specific city, but I see myself happy, celebrating the goals I have achieved and planning strategies for the adventures that are to come. Also, taking a secret love that I have  for acting to the next level." ONEISYS "After the show, I quit my job because I wanted to focus 100 percent on my career as a model-actress. I decided to go back to school, after finishing my bachelor's degree in Hospitality Management, to study to be an actress and TV host." MAYTEE "My plan is to keep pursuing my modeling dream and become a supermodel -- my ultimate goal! I am also getting into hosting and doing more movies. You will definitely be seeing a lot of me! "I graduated from the Miami International University of Art & Design when I was 19 years old with a bachelor's degree in Fashion Merchandise, so you'll be seeing more of that as well." JILL
"I'm going back to school in New York City so I can go on to get my MBA in Marketing, and still pursue my modeling career. When I left Model Latina, I went to every open call in my area and am currently in the works of representation with one well-known agency. I plan on taking advantage of every opportunity and building a career as well as a name for myself in the fashion industry. "I eventually want to work for a PR firm and be involved in the fashion/entertainment industry in multiple aspects, as a model and businesswoman." MARLENE "I'll continue modeling in Puerto Rico and continue my university studies in Human Resources Management to graduate by 2013. I also plan to start acting classes since I learned to love being in front of cameras all the time! "I'm also learning to see the big picture instead of the details in life's situations. Noticing at least one negative thing in every situation hasn't allowed me to enjoy the smaller things in life and I'm ready to start doing that full-time." RACHELL
"I'm going to continue to pursue a modeling career in Miami, and maybe New York next season. I want to go to a lot of Fashion Weeks and concentrate on improving my skills. Following the Model Latina experience, I have so much to give to this world." CINDY "I plan on still pursuing modeling, but in Los Angeles. Time is golden, and being 24, I need to take every chance and opportunity to the fullest." MAYBELLINE "I will continue with my bathing suit collection to sell online; finish writing my book and filming two movies due out next year; and continue my school education in psychology and my modeling career, doing fashion shows, commercials, ads, magazines and pageants. I will also be competing as Miss Dominican Republic U.S. 2012! I love the busy life!"
"Being a part of Model Latina has strengthened my passion for modeling, but being in New Mexico, there is not a whole lot of modeling opportunities. Moving to a bigger city like Miami, New York or Los Angeles is definitely on my 'to-do' list." "I'll pursue modeling in New York. My age is going to limit me, so I must graduate from runway and high-fashion modeling into lifestyle modeling. "Aside from modeling, I want to pursue acting. After the Model Latina experience and suggestions from the girls that I should really pursue acting, I have made up my mind and I am getting my life together for that."

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